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Six reasons why MVPs should explore Windows Azure.

13 April 2011

I was speaking to Claire Smyth recently and we couldn't understand why there weren't more Windows Azure and SQL Azure MVPs in the UK. Here's why I think the MVP community and developers in particular should be interested:

Whatever your expertise, Windows Azure will touch your world.

Many Microsoft products are moving towards Software as a Service offerings: SharePoint, SQL Server, CRM and even Office. Most products will start to touch the cloud in some way, even if it's just for storage.

Many .NET applications are straightforward to migrate to Windows Azure, so cloud is particularly relevant to developers.

Exciting projects.

You only need to glance at the Windows Azure Case Studies to see the range of cool projects out there. From satellite communication systems to financial calculations and web sites promoting global brands, this is a chance to take your career to a new level and get involved in something big.

New opportunities and innovation.

Imagine having access to a large amount of compute power on demand. What could you build?

Perhaps you would implement a massively parallel high performance compute algorithm?

How about a new search engine or social network?

Perhaps you have the world's next big online idea?

Windows Azure gives you access to compute resources at reasonable cost, on demand. It's leveling the playing-field and allowing lone developers and start-ups to compete with big, established players. You no longer need a huge capital investment to get started.

There is a skills shortage.

There aren't many people around with hands-on Windows Azure expertise and less than a handful of MVPs in the UK.

With "Cloud Power" posters across London and major European transport hubs, itís hard to miss the marketing push. Despite, and perhaps because of, the global recession, people are migrating to the cloud and the momentum is building.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist, but cloud architecture is a different mindset.

Cloud is arguably a paradigm shift.

We've seen the mainframe era, the client-server era and the web era. Now we're embarking on the Cloud era.

It's easy and free to get started.

Grab yourself a free 30 day pass.

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